Custom Orders
Buy any of our spears plain, and you choose the shape, size and color. We will quote you a price by email.

We carve the most beautiful spears in the world. You may purchase our spears plain, to display as a representation of museum quality flintknapping, or also to purchase plain to be hand painted for your own artistic endeavors. As the art of scrimshaw takes many years to conquer.

For an example we have shown a Kef plain (A) and the same spear hand painted (B).


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For a look at our exotic hardwood spears without scenes, look below. If you choose to order a wood spear, choose an exotic hardwood, shape, and size and email us for a price.
For Example: English Walnut, Thebes Design, 7 inches long.

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E-Mail us for prices and sizes of spears.

True Custom Orders
A true custom order involves selection of the spear and the scene you want to appear on the spear. Send us the scene you want on the spear and our scrimshaw artist will transfer the scene, free hand, onto the spear for a truly unique piece. If you decide the style of the spear and you send us the scene you want on the spear, we will price this to you by email. If you order the spear, the full amount is charged up front. However, if there is any dissatisfaction, you simply return the spear and you will be refunded half the price of the spear. Customer pays for shipping and handling both directions. Please allow 30 days for semi custom and custom work.

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