The Artist & the Story

Two talented artists join forces to make a dream come true.

In 1952, a young boy found an arrowhead on his way home from a one room school in rural northeast Missouri. He marveled at the flaking and fluting on the rock. His fingers played across the surface as his mind began to open. It was then he began to realize the rich history of the land on which he had been born.

The arrowhead symbolized a lost people who lived and died, laughed and cried, and attempted to survive an ancient wilderness. Perhaps that arrowhead had brought food to a family, was used to sharpen archery skills, or was simply lost on a trek by a nomadic people. It was much more than just the matter from which it had been made.

Upon returning to his home, a little farmhouse along Springcreek, the boy showed that arrowhead to his little brother. It was then they began a lifelong, mutual fascination with arrowheads and native American artifacts. But it was more than just to collect pieces for a showcase. It was the glue that bonded two brothers, appreciation for those that were here before us, and the spark that led to the creation you have purchased.

That little brother was Phil Jackson, and this artwork is based on countless journeys with his brother, Wayne, across the Missouri hills, valleys, and creeks in search of the perfect arrowhead. Many were the night Wayne and Phil would lay in their beds of a night and talk about the native Americans, their tools, and the pragmatic beauty they invoked.

That beauty, based on the premise that form follows function is the basis for Phil's Work. Wayne and Phil would talk about having the same dream. One where they would find the perfect arrowhead only to awaken and find out it was just a dream. Phil decided to use his 45 years of experience and knowledge of native American artifacts to fulfill that dream. After many hundreds of attempts representing thousands of hours Phil has perfected his work. His first legitimate effort was presented to Wayne to complete the dream. Now that dream has been passed on to you.

Phil has artistically replicated some of the greatest creations of the native Americans and made them available for all to appreciate. However, even though these arrowheads are based on real points from around the world there is an important difference. Phil has painstakingly attempted to bring out the aesthetic beauty of the original creators by not duplicating their work, which he saw as taking away from their efforts, but by creating new work by mastering the art of carving to emphasize the form of flaking. We hope you, too, will enjoy this unique art form.

Jean Jury

Jean has been an accomplished artist literally all of her life. During her early childhood, when required to be bedfast because of a long-term illness, her artistic skills were honed and developed. It was often remarked that her wildlife depictions, although primitive due to her young years, all had real-life expressions as well as motion and proportion....

Born and raised on a ranch in western Colorado, Jean was surrounded by her favorite wildlife subjects. As she grew, her ability to capture realism in her pieces were perfected. During her working career, Jean held several important positions as an artist and her work contributed to many notable projects. She has been awarded a number of commendations recognizing her outstanding talent a labor of love for over 50 years.

As a self-taught scrimshaw artist, Jean excels in reproducing ancient wildlife with realism that draws the observer into the episode of the piece. Scrimshaw art is demanding and precise. One tiny cut can spoil an entire scene. While enjoying these fine pieces, most observers feel close to the ancient animals and people, adding a personal involvement to the piece.

Jean's talent in depicting scenes of ancient times enhances the beauty of the remarkable artistic representations of native American points created by Phil. Alone, each artist creates interesting and worthy art works. Together, their work combines to create a piece of art that is much greater than the sum of the parts.

You could say that mankind's two oldest art forms have come together. Bi-facial spear points and scratching and engraving into stone, bone, or ivory, first seen on the batan commandment of cro magnum man 35,000 years ago.

We believe these one of a kind works are art quality pieces. You can decide for yourself with our guarantee.

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